The AURA Collection

The AURA collection presents itself as an enchanted and playful experience, a joyful profusion of colors and textures, a true hymn to the joy of living.

Its indirect light is soft, soothing and joyful. The golden bulb reflects the light on the wall which is highlighted by subtle plays of colored shapes and shadows. The light plays through the different finishes and textures and the gaps between the discs let out delicately colored beams of light.

AURA is a playful light object that provides functional and poetic lighting.

AURA knows how to make itself joyfully present when light is off by its colorful palette which can subtly change depending on the angle of view, but also fade into the background behind the effect it produces when light is on.

Whether on or off, AURA arouses an intense and joyful emotion.

Available in table lamp, floor lamp, wall or ceiling lamp versions, and in four color variations, AURA will personalize your space thanks to its very limited edition of 150 numbered pieces.

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