Tilt Limited Editions lamps are designed and handcrafted in Brussels in limited and numbered editions of a maximum of 150 pieces. You are not likely to find your lamp elsewhere, unlike this “iconic” model that you were the first to find and that you have come across many times since… Frustration avoided, exclusivity assured.

Tilt Limited Editions is above all a great open-mindedness and a crazy desire for experimentation to help you discover vibrant, optimistic and free creations every year.

Craftsmanship and modernity demonstrates once again that design is not only the prerogative of standardized industrial products.

Our production process is decidedly artisanal, highlighting our commitment to authenticity and quality. Each lamp is handcrafted with particular attention to every detail.

Presentation of Tilt Limited Editions

Patrick van Roy and Laetitia De Moor – and their partner to launch the brand – Bertrand Bizard

Why Tilt Limited Editions? 

Patrick :  « From many years Studio TILT in Brussels, Laetitia and I create for pure pleasure. Creating our lamps with Tilt Limited Editions follows the same spirit: a fun, inspiring process and a creative, manual expression. At the same time, it is an intellectual and technological exercise. We are as much designer as artist, as much craftsman as designer. We do what pleases us and what pleases others, always and resolutely with pleasure as our objective. »

Laetitia :  “The aesthetic at Tilt Limited Editions is timeless, not claiming to belong to any trend. We like to play down our creations: in the end they are just lamps. We simply affirm a state of mind: the audacity to be aligned with our desires. Our guideline is above all to be singular: resonant, elegant, surprising, sensitive and obvious. The singularity of Tilt lies in the cursor between clear line geometry and assertive colors. From our childhood, we retain the taste for beautiful things, for houses overflowing with joie de vivre and the Tilt adventure is the continuity of this, as if obvious. »

Bertrand :  “Tilt Limited Editions is a company where everything moves and nothing is set in stone, it’s fabulous! The more time passed, the more my desire to undertake, after having advised small and large structures in different worlds, increased. Marketing consulting is strong, but getting started and creating a brand seems to me to be a little more my rightful place. Why a brand of lamps (question I am asked most often)? Between a well-decorated room and a perfect and welcoming room, it is the lamps that bring that extra soul. »

Do you want to discover the TILT Brussels studio? Click here


Good vibes

No light without color, no good mood without light waves.

With the happy chic Tilt Limited Editions lamps, detoxifying lamps, make your decoration a vibrant, optimistic and free encounter.


Our philosophy : « Vous (ne) réussirez votre déco (que) si vous vous faites plaisir. » a decor where you dared to please yourself will make your home warm for you, your family, your friends. A decoration is not first of all a budget, a diktat, a quote, name dropping… but a big game.

Play with the aesthetic versatility of our products: chameleon lamps that fit into any type of aesthetic environment (architectural and decoration).


Artisanal, from a local culture, elective, that you will not find everywhere

An innovative and unexpected brand, while remaining chic, seductive, elegant, poetic, light, subtle, colorful.

Rue des Mélèzes 103,
1050 Ixelles

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